Reliable Steel began its life as a corporation on March 1, 1989. At that point, we had one goal, and one purpose, which was to fill a need on the West coast, with steel pallets for the concrete block industry.

   We wanted to expand and fill more needs, so we started offering +\- .010" tolerance on production quantity shearing of steel, at a time when the industry standard was +/-1/16". This eventually caught on and allowed us the opportunity to process steel for most of the major steel distributors in the Los Angeles area.

   We started by renting a small 2000 square-foot area in the back of a steel factory, and eventually have grown, to where we are now, which is a 47,000 square-foot building on 3 1/4 acres in South Gate, California. We can load and unload trucks inside our building rain or shine.

   We now can do just about anything to flat steel. We can: drill it, tap it, weld it, form it, punch it, shape cut it, and shear it. We manufacture parts for the construction, concrete block, and shipbuilding industries. Also, we are a job shop; no job is too big or too small for us. We supply the materials for our jobs, or we can process customer's materials.
We consider ourselves an ongoing concern, and we strive to continue to find new, unique, and more economical ways to serve steel users, and the steel industry.

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