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We shear steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet from 22 GA and plate through 1/2" in thickness to 168" wide.

We shape cut steel plate from 22 GA through 2 1/2" thick if plasma cut 20' x 63' and 10 GA through 8" thick if oxy/fuel cut 10' x 20'.

Precision correcting leveling 1/2" x 40".

We offer steel bending 11 GA x 12'.

We offer steel rolling 1" to 10'.

We also offer welding, notching, cold sawing, drilling, tapping, punching, and various other capacities.

Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to be viewed as the best steel processing and steel products manufacturing company in the world, and to be the manufacturer of choice for all major users of steel products and services in every industry we supply to.

Mission Statement:

We achieve our goal of being the most accurate and, the most economical processor / manufacturer of metal goods by:

  • Optimizing the utilization of resources
  • Sustaining environmentally friendly procedures and practices
  • Consistently monitoring, recording and analyzing our activities and improving them based on the results
  • Studying and implementing, wherever practicable, latest most efficient metal processing technologies available in the world.

Jeff Palmer

President, Reliable Steel

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